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Friday, April 23, 2010

Lost in TIME

Hello my name is Jennye Lynne and I have neglected my Blog for the past year and I am sorry. Life has been busy and full as it is for all of you....
I will not take up all of your time so I will just give you an update on what has been going on in the World of the Morgan Mardis Family.....Since the last time I was on here..HEEEE HEEEE
OK....Most of you know that in June we welcomed Ann Harper Mardis....She looks like Morgan and is full of herself and LOVES her big sister....She is about to walk any day now....she loves dogs, outside, and a bath :)
Mary Morgan is going to be 3 in August and is FULL of herself...she talks non-stop and is FULL of energy....
Her latest is that she has hidden one of her sandals and wont tell me where it is or has forgotten where she put it...oh the joys of parenthood....
I have been a stay at home mom since Ann Harper was born and this has been sooo much fun and a blessing....I dont miss very much....I love it!!
Summer is around the corner and we are looking forward to fun times with friends and family.
I have been keeping up with all of you and I hope that I can stay in the blog world.....
I have missed you and hope that you have a good and safe weekend......
the mardis family---I will post pictures soon :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PINK it is!!!! Ann Harper Mardis!!!

Today we went to have our 20 week sonogram and we did take Mary Morgan with us and that was so funny to watch. I have to say that she was not really worried about looking at her new baby sister because she wanted to know what in the world that lady was doing to her mommy!!! She just kept looking at her saying mommy!!! So sweet.....she was not interested in her!! Since we have gotten home we have looked at the pictures and she is now saying "Harper"!! So sweet!!! The word is out and looks like Morgan is going to have a house full of females!!! Bless his heart!!! He will love his girls!!!!

Please enjoy the attached photos!! It is the first pictures of Ann Harper!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching you all up!!!

Well the Holidays have come and gone and we have started a new year!! Mary Morgan was diagnosed with RSV which is a respiratory virus right before Christmas and this was no fun. She was not able to sleep because she could not breath at all!! We were doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and were encouraged to stay away from babies and elderly. That made the Holidays a little bit of a challenge. We missed the Mardis gathering because there are 2 new babies on that side of the family. Maybe next year we will be healthy!! My Mom was in town but we did not get to see much of her and she was at my grandfathers home and boy I did not want him to get sick!!!! So Christmas Eve was very quiet and so we are looking forward to next year already!! I know sounds crazy. Saturday after Christmas Mary Morgan got the stomach virus and boy did I not think things could get worse...boy was I wrong...I got the stomach virus on New Years Day morning and it was awful....I am so glad and blessed that I did not throw up during this pregnancy or with Mary Morgan. So the next week is good and Mary Morgan is finally eating again!!! This past weekend we went and hung out with the Carnells in West Mississippi. The Boys hunted and the girls just hung out.....Mary Morgan woke up in the night on Saturday running high fever and could not sleep. When we got up and I took a temp it was 103.5 under her arm!!! YIKES!!! SO needless to say we came home early and went to the after hours clinic........what now I was thinking......FLU!!!!! YEA she got it and she did have the shot!!!! Poor thing. I have to say that the Tamiflu is helping even the MD said that it may not work....Thank you Lord!!!! So she is recovering and has been fever free today!!! Below are some pictures that I have take over the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy and maybe the next time I post it will be happy news to report. Hope you all are doing well and your New Year is off to a great start!!!

Playing at my new table....tea party anyone
I will play for a long time!!!!

loving my baby!!!

Having a snack at the table....
Love - The Mardis Family

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend FUN and Mommie and Me!!!

This weekend Mary Morgan and I had the Mommie and Me second annual Christmas Party!! It was a blast and I just can not believe that they are all growing up so big. They all played well together and just had fun taking it all in and yes the Christmas tree was still standing when we all left!!!! Amanda had a gate up around the tree so it was guarded!!! She is one smart girl!! So the first pictures that you are going to see are if Mary Morgan the Morning of the Party. She was playing in my closet and came out like this. I just busted out laughing!! She looked at me like what are you laughing at these are your shoes!! Too cute!!! I guess that she is going to like playing dress up!!!! I tried to put a video of her trying to walk to the mirror but could not make it work..darn it!!!!

Group Picture---so we mommies got smart this time and had Mrs. White take the picture for us...oh how easy but still can not make everyone happy or look at the camera!!! Maybe when they are 5!!!!
Ella and Anderson just playing with the wrappings!!! I mean we need to give them paper and ribbon for Christmas and they will be fine!!! It was so funny to watch....

Leslie and Crosby....See how he is so into the gift wrapping!!!!
Mary Morgan just taking it all in....
Mary Morgan and Walker meet at the eating place again yes they stole each others food again!!!
Ok so have a good week, be good because Santa Clause is coming to town and get all that shopping done because Christmas is next week!!!!!
Love- Jennye Lynne

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas with the Mardis Family

Hello all-
We have been trying to get ready for Christmas the week and boy has it been wild. Lets just start out by saying that there is no picture of the TREE because it is so different than any we have had in the past, not many ornaments and not any on the lower part of the tree!! It is a result of the 2 little extra hands that we have around here now!! It is so funny because she walks around the tree and other decorations and as she passes them she says NO NO!! I just laugh!! But hey at least she knows!!! So over the weekend while doing laundry I had gone to do something and when I got back this is how I found Mary Morgan!! I just laughed out loud!!!! I got the camera and she said "CHEZZZZ"!!! Priceless!!!!

I must say that this is our most precious Christmas Decoration!! This year is going to be so much fun!!

Wanted to get some pictures of the snow. We have about 2 1/2 to 3 inches on the ground and it is still there. Mary Morgan was not really sure about it she just walked in it and looked at her foot prints!! She did say oh boy this morning as she watched from inside as it snowed harder than I have ever seen!! She is not even 2 and has seen twice!!! That is impressive for Mississippi!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!
Love the Mardis Family

Monday, December 1, 2008

Annopuncement from Mary Morgan Mardis!!!

Well my mommy and daddy have not gotten this t-shirt for me yet but I will be needing it in June. That is right Mommy is going to have another baby!!! We are now getting excited!! We were shocked at first but now it is sinking in and we are all getting used to the thought of another little one running around. Mommy keeps telling me that I am a big girl now and not a baby...she took my bottle away and I hate milk out of a cup!!! Mommy even tried chocolate and that did not work for me! If any of you other babies have any tricks to milk please let us know my Mommy really wants me to get some milk!!! Today Mommy is 11 weeks pregnant and I am so excited...I am not sure what I think the sex is but Mommy thinks a boy and Daddy is determined it is another girl!!! Never fear however they are going to find out...and since we have only know that were having a baby for a week or so we do not have to wait to long to find out and that is great!!!! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!
Thanks for checking on us!!!
Mary Morgan Mardis

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blog Stalking!!!

Ok so to be honest with you about 2 weeks ago I was looking at blogs to see how friends are doing and I happened to come across a blog that I somehow can NOT seem to get back to and my heart is yearning to check on this family. They are a couple that does not live in Jackson but I think Mississippi because they are coming to Jackson the see the Pediatric Cardiologist and the High Risk OB-GYN. They are having a baby girl and she was not growing according to schedule. I have been searching every blog I can but just can not seem to get back to them. PLEASE if you know who I am talking about let me know. I want to see how they are doing they have been on my heart and I have been praying for this family.
Tonight I was posting some of the things that Mary Morgan has been doing lately and I have come across the site that I saw either before Mary Morgan was born or not long after any way....WARNING....get a tissue........I am going to attach the link so that you can also see this special video...I am crying as I type this. This video has humbled me to pray several times and it still does. Morgan and I are so blessed to have a healthy child. This video opens my eyes to so much. I love the Lord with all my heart and as I watch this I see I do not pray enough. As I watch this I feel compelled to fall to my knees and thank him for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon my family. This family is one that I have never met but respect and look up to more than anyone will ever know. They have taught me so much and all I have done is watch this video over and over.
I am also posting this site to remind me that when Mary Morgan does not sleep well, is fussy, getting teeth, running fever, will not let me put her down, is awake at 4 am, or crying for no reason I should take on the task of her needs with an open heart and no complaints.
I know that I sound ridiculous however I want to find that family so please share if you know who I am talking about and watch this video, count your blessing, and praise the Lord for what he has granted us.
A sometimes hard thing to remember but oh so true is that God does not give you more than you can handle.
I do apologize if you all have to redo your makeup after seeing the video....
Love to all- Jennye Lynne